FMLA & Pregnancy

Wisconsin Pregnancy Leave & Accommodation

FMLA / Family Medical Leave Act

HELP Protects the Rights of Pregnant Workers.

Unfortunately, attitudes about what pregnant women are capable of have not kept up with the times. Many employers assume a pregnant worker will be of no use to them, spending all of their time at doctor appointments, taking time off to raise their children or no longer being physically able to do their job.

As a result, employers will often make working conditions miserable in an attempt to force pregnant women to quit their jobs. Our attorneys work closely with the victims of pregnancy discrimination, pursuing claims against unscrupulous employers.

Pregnancy Discrimination – Wrongful Termination

Were you treated poorly after disclosing your pregnancy to your employer? Were you denied maternity leave? Were you terminated after becoming pregnant? If you have suffered discrimination as a result of your pregnancy, it is important to have a skilled employment law attorney handling your case.

At HELP, we are committed to protecting the rights of pregnant women in the workplace. We offer our clients honest advice, easy access to attorneys and aggressive trial representation. We will never back down from a fight, no matter how powerful an employer is or how many lawyers they have on their side.

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